God’s Provision for You

God will provideGod knows how to meet our needs. He spared nothing – even His son, to bring us into right relationship with Him.

You don’t need to fear the future. He has you covered. He already set up good works for you to do, and will provide everything you need to accomplish His will.

He’ll be there to meet every need with abundance. He may not always give us exactly what we ask, but He always gives us the very best.

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Wait on the Lord. Wait is the Hardest Word

For any of you who are waiting.

Waiting is hard. It can wear you out, or wear your patience thin.

I’m not good at waiting. Patience has never been my strong suit. Fortunately, God keeps giving me practice to sharpen those skills, and verses to help renew my strength.

When I’ve been waiting a long time, I feel like Joshua, shuffling through a rut, following my own dust cloud around the same walls again, and again.

But in the times when I feel most discouraged, God’s ready to work a miracle.
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